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Highways from all points in the United States and Canada join the Trans Canada Highway from New Brunswick into Nova Scotia.

Greyhound - With more than 3,100 service locations in North America, Greyhound offers a lot of choices in planning your next trip. To make it easier to choose which destination is right for you, we have compiled a province-by-province list of our available locations.

Types of Locations
Terminals and agencies provide the easiest access to frequent schedules and transfers to other bus schedules nationwide.

In major cities, our company-operated terminals provide full-service ticketing and courier service, with extensive hours of operation (many are open 24 hours). In smaller communities, locations may be operated by independent agents, which also provide schedule and courier service.

Bus stops provide limited schedule service for a large number of locations, which do not support a full-service terminal or agency. As a general rule, no ticketing, baggage, or courier service is offered at these locations. Some of these locations may be at a local airport or transit center, while others may simply be a stop along a highway route, without an enclosed waiting area.
Passengers should be aware that no Greyhound ticketing facilities are available at bus stop locations.

Locations Within United States
A list of locations served within the United States is available at

International Sales Agents
A number of independent travel agents worldwide sell the Greyhound North America Discovery Pass. These agents do not sell individual tickets. For a list of international agents, visit

Acadian Lines

The bus is an excellent solution for making the most of your time! No need to book ahead, no need to show up hours ahead of time. And the schedule allows for tremendous flexibility: there are departures every day and even every hour for certain routes.

Moreover, our schedules make it easy to catch your connections.

And that's not all: with the bus, you help reduce the greenhouse gas effect. One fewer car on the road for each passenger on the Acadian bus… that counts for something!

Before Boarding
Where, when, how to buy tickets? And what about luggage? What if a child is travelling alone? This is all important information to know before climbing aboard one of our buses.

VIA Rail Canada

VIA operates up to 503 trains weekly on 12,500 kilometres of track, and serves 450 communities across the country, from coast to coast and north to Hudson Bay. VIA carried close to 4.2 million customers in 2007.

VIA’s fleet includes 396 passenger cars and 78 active locomotives. In addition to 159 railway stations, VIA operates four modern maintenance facilities, and employs some 3,000 people. While VIA owns 223 kilometres of track, most of the infrastructure used by the passenger service is owned and managed by the freight railways, including ten different national and short-line operators.


More than 20 major cruise lines visit Nova Scotia ports.

Atlantic Canada Cruises
It's nature untouched by the modern world. It's history diverse, proud and fierce. It's the warmth of a people whose welcome feels like you've been here before and it's a richness of culture that inspires and delights.
Journey through the mystical ports of Atlantic Canada by cruise ship New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island - and you just might discover the journey of a lifetime.

For more information on our marquee ports, visit and

Newfoundland - Nova Scotia
Marine Atlantic Reservations - 1-800-341-7981.

Prince Edward Island - Nova Scotia
Northumberland Ferries Ltd.
In Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, call toll-free 1-800-565-0201. From other areas, call (902) 566-3838.

Saint John, New Brunswick - Digby, Nova Scotia
Sail on The Princess of Acadia
tel: 1-888-249-7245 / (902) 566-3838.


The Halifax Robert L. Stanfield International Airport is the Atlantic Canadian hub for all domestic, regional and international services. Visit to view a list of airlines providing flight options to Halifax.

The Yarmouth Airport is now being serviced by Twin Cities Air Service.

List of Airports

Baddeck (Crown Jewel Resort Ranch)
tel: 902-295-2146

Debert Airport
tel: 902-662-2228

Digby Municipal Airport
tel: 902-245-5885

Port Hawkesbury Airport
tel: 902-625-2206

Robert L. Stanfield International Airport
tel: 902-873-4422

Sydney Airport Authority
tel: 902-564-7720

Trenton Airport
tel: 902-752-9348 (Office)
tel: 902-754-9385 (24hr)

Waterville Airport (Kings County)
tel:  902-538-7116

Yarmouth Airport
tel:  902-742-6484

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